Pure Cotton Shirts for Men Online Shopping

The Perfect Fit: Pure Cotton Shirts for Men Online Shopping


If you’re looking to buy shirts online which are new trend shirts or are mens fashion shirts, you might be wondering how it’s possible to find the best deals or mens shirts offers on the web. You can look through the different brands and find out what each offers, but if you want to save money, consider looking into pure cotton shirts for men. Mens fashion shirts small check shirtsThese shirts come in many different styles such as Linen cotton Shirts, Printed Shirts for Men, Full Sleeves Shirts, Vertical Striped Shirts, partywear clothes for men, small check shirts. This trending cotton linen blend vertical striped shirts for mens are best casual and festive wear option in indian cotton clothing online shopping with is crafted from the finest authentic, genuine and pure 100% cotton yarn and is extremely lightweight cotton fabric. These are tailored made shirts and comes in Tailored Fit. This is the best option to change your looks by buying this casual shirts for men online with great offers. This casual and festive shirts for men can be paired with nice jeans and shoes or slippers if you are planning for an evening eat out with friends or just a stroll so that you can wear them to both casual events and more formal occasions as well. Best of all, these shirts are made of 100% cotton, ensuring that they’re soft and easy on your skin without compromising on style or comfort.

Why You Should Buy Pure Cotton?

Pure cotton shirts for men with Cotton fabrics can be quickly developed in weatherproof clothing through the design and finishing of the material. Example: Cotton Shirts for Men, can be made into a tight, dense fabric with a weather-repellent finish to make weather-resistant clothing, and the cotton fabric maintains its comfort and breathability.
These are some significant benefits of wearing a pure cotton casual shirts for men shirt. Here, our ZOYANI is wholly dedicated to presenting you with comfortable shirts and stylish durable. They are built to last and are made of 100% cotton.
Be sure to take a look by full sleeves shirts for men from ZOYANI's beautiful cotton fabrics, with which we will make you a tailored shirt ready to keep you cool and comfortable all year round.
Cotton fabric is breathable and emits moisture away from the body, absorbs and extracts liquid from the leather, like a towel, based on the Cotton Incorporated. Cotton enables you to stay calm when exercising, preventing the moisture from building up between your skin and clothes. The International Forum for Cotton Promotion notes that cotton will take up to one-fifth of its weight in water until it feels moist.
Through providing thermal insulation, cotton clothing protects against heat in the summer and cold in the winter, as the cotton fabric traps air between the material's fibres. The cotton fibers in the garments keep the fabric away from the skin, allowing more air to be trapped between the leather and the fabric that helps insulate and comfort. Start enjoying the benefits of cotton today by shopping the Pure Cotton Shirts from Minister White.
Look out for best pure cotton shirts in printed half shirts as well.
How To Measure Yourself For A Shirt?
Most shirts for men are measured by body length and width. Simply compare to one of your favorite fitting items you already own with shirt size chart india
While shopping to buy shirts online which might include partywear clothes for men, new trend shirts, full sleeves shirts or any pure cotton shirts for men online shopping measure the same as given below:
 Size chart India
Collar Size
First measure the collar size. Place the tape measure around your neck and add half an inch to get the most comfortable fit.
Sleeve Length
Start from the top of the centre back, just below the collar and measure to your shoulder. Then measure from your shoulder to your wrist bone.
Chest Width
Run the measuring tape around the widest part of your chest, just below your armpits.
Waist Width
Place the measuring tape around your natural waistline which is the narrowest part of your waist.
How To Store Shirts After Washing Them?
As Diwali is round the corner many of the online shoppers who buy shirts online do wonder how to store mens fashion shirts this diwali as we start cleaning our houses and we want to keep our newly stylish new shirt design purchased clothes brand new for very long time. If you feel like your wardrobe is overcrowded, you may be wondering what you can do to save some space. Well, one of the most effective ways to declutter your wardrobe space is by storing away the clothes that you don’t wear a lot.
To make it easier for you, here are some tips that you can use when storing clothing that you may not need any time soon:
Wash and dry them thoroughly
Before storing your linen cotton shirts or any printed shirts for men or casual shirts for men clothes, be sure to clean and dry them properly. This may be something as simple as putting them in your washing machine and dryer or even taking a trip to the dry cleaners for a thorough job.
One of the main reason for ensuring that your mens office shirts are clean and dry before storing them is to keep away the creepy crawlies that like dirty places. Besides, no one wants to start washing their clothes after storing them for so long. You, however, don’t have to iron your clothes before storing them; you most probably will have to iron them after getting them from the storage boxes.
Repair damaged items
If you decided to keep certain items, be sure to check them for damage before storage. Repairing any damages before storage will make the retrieval process an easy time as you won’t have to deal with any tasks that you postponed (we all know how that irks).
Don’t keep shirts for men you won’t wear again
There is no need to finish up space with pure cotton shirts for men that you no longer wear for whatever reason(s). If you have such linen cotton shirts, printed shirts for men, casual shirts for men, mens fashion shirts or mens office shirts in your wardrobe, just get rid of them. You can sort them into three categories: clothes that you will store, the ones you will toss into the bin, and the ones you will give to charity.
Avoid using vac storage bags for long-term storage of clothes
Vacuum bags can squish items stored in them, and if such items are made from natural fibers such as silk or wool, they might end up losing their shape. Well, vac bags might be great for storing your clothes for a short period, but not when you plan to store your items for several months.
If storing your clothes for long, be sure to use plastic storage boxes with an airtight lid. Be sure to avoid cardboard boxes, since mice will chew through such.
Pack properly
When you buy shirts online , there is no need to iron them. However, you will benefit from packing them properly. Place the heavier items at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. Rolling items is also a good trick if you want to fit more clothes into one box.
You should, however, avoid overstuffing your storage box to keep the items in it from losing shape. Be sure to get a storage box that has a hanging rail if you have any items that must be hung rather than folded or rolled.
Choose the right storage location
As long as you place your clothes in a place that is cool, dry, clean, and dark, they should be fine.
The reason why clothes should be stored in a dark place is that bright light fades colors. If for any reason, you’re not able to store your clothes at your house, you might want to take advantage of the services of a storage company.
Consider storing accessories as well
You can also store accessories such as coat racks, cupboards, and more, to free up space and make your house look tidier. After you have stored the clothes, consider keeping away any accessories that are not in use. However, this depends on whether it’s easy to move such accessories.
In summary,
The above tips should make it a bit easier for you to store and retrieve your clothing when the time to do so comes. In addition to enjoying the extra space, you will have peace of mind throughout the time that you don’t need the items that are going into storage.
Shirt for men in Diwali?
Diwali is just around the corner and think about it, how will it look if you show up in a basic outfit for your Diwali party? The daadis and the aunties won’t be impressed for sure. You’ve got to up you game a bit, because hey, Diwali comes just once a year! Diwali dressing ideas can be rather tricky, we get it. So, if for some reason you’ve postponed your Diwali shopping and now you’re feeling the pressure of what to wear, here are a few last minute Diwali outfit ideas that you can follow to look your best on this auspicious occasion
Light Yellow Linen cotton shirts
You can pair a basic linen cotton plain or vertical striped shirts or small check shirts with basic straight cut cotton jeans or denims which are easily available in stores. Accessorise the look with a watch and a pair of loafers, laceups or kolhapuris! Although this look seems like a very day look, it can work very well from day to night, so you don’t have to worry about changing from your morning pooja to your evening taash game! This look will do complete justice to the occasion and is a perfect mix of contemporary fashion and men’s traditional wear.
If you wish to stay in your comfort zone and yet look all kinds of traditional, just pair up a casual shirts for men, loose button up linen cotton shirts or a printed shirts for men with your favourite pair of jeans! Throw on a Kolhapuri chappals to ace the Indo-western game. This Diwali outfit idea is low maintenance and very easy to pull off. The perfect last minute fix!

A well-fitted shirt is the most basic and important weapon in a man’s sartorial arsenal. A clean and crisp shirt that fits perfectly makes you feel in control, like a boss. Plenty of tiny details — right from collar to hem — go into making a great-fitting shirt. However, buying the right shirt isn’t rocket science. You can find it at economical retail outlets as well as at high-end designer boutiques. Here is a handy buying guide that explains everything you need to know to find your perfect shirt.

Fit and Style

Some men overlook the fit and just buy their shirts in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes. Ignoring the fit will only result in baggy folds and creases that look tacky. No matter what the body shape is, one must buy a shirt that fits their body closely. The three basic fits are regular, tapered and slim. The regular fit usually falls straight with added pleats at the back for extra comfort. The tapered fit is more modern and appealing, with narrow body and sleeves, and no back pleats. The slim fit quite literally moulds with your body contours, with added darts at the back for a defined waistline.


There are several collar styles like cutaway, forward-point, button-down and spread. Yes, collars can be confusing too. However, the one collar style that you need to remember is semi-spread collars, which work with both formal and casual attire. Semi-spread collars are versatile and work with every kind of suit and tie. A well-fitted collar will leave room for a finger to comfortably fit between your neck and the collar. Anything too tight will make you uncomfortable, while loose collars will constantly stoop with movements.


Go with the classic single cuff in either rounded or angled edges for a daytime look. Double cuff, also known as the French cuff, traditionally found on dress shirts, is ideal for formal occasions. The position of the cuff is key in determining the fit of the sleeves. The cuffs should ideally cover the hinge bone of your wrists, so that they peep out about half an inch past the sleeves of your jacket. Anything longer will make you look like a child wearing his father’s shirt.

The Right Fabric

Shirt fabrics, also known as ‘shirtings’, come in a variety of weaves. Choose the fabric depending on the style and occasion.

Cotton: Cotton, the undisputed king of shirt fabrics, exhibits a variety of properties like durability, moisture absorbance, smoothness and iron-friendliness.

However, cotton itself comes in a variety of weaves that decide the weight and the drape of the fabric, which is crucial in determining the quality and functionality of the shirt. All cotton shirts have poplin weave, unless otherwise stated. Poplin is a soft and comfortable lightweight fabric that bears a smooth texture. Broadcloth is a close cousin that tends to be coarser and slightly heavier than poplin. Oxford cloth is a more casual and coarser shirting fabric which, however, doesn’t compromise on comfort or softness. Soft and breathable lightweight cotton fabrics like poplin and broadcloth are an ideal choice for warm sunny days, while heavier ones like oxford can be a great alternative for winters.

Formal shirts use the pique weaving style, which boasts a rich woven texture. Traditionally, pique cotton is considered to be the only shirting fabric that’s appropriate to be worn with a black or white tie.

Linen: Linen is a natural substitute for cotton during hot Indian summers. It’s not only an ideal warm weather fabric, but has a naturally relaxed look and is the epitome of effortless cool. Unlike cotton, linen can absorb moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp. However, linen does comes with a drawback of creasing easily.

Silk: This opulent fabric has a light drape and striking lustre. However, the high maintenance cost and poor long-term durability makes silk quite an unfavourable shirting fabric preference.

Textured Weaves: Textured weaves like twill, herringbone, gabardine, denim and houndstooth are usually heavier than the regular plain weave fabrics, making them a perfect go-to fabric in colder months. Those men who despise ironing their shirt can take note that these fabrics do not wrinkle easily and recover from creases quite well.

Poly-Blend: Polyester blends have made a remarkable impact on men’s work-wear category, given their desirable properties like wrinkle and stain resistance, easy maintenance and throwaway cost. However, poly-blend fabrics are not very breathable, highly vulnerable to heat damage from iron and can never radiate the sophistication that natural fibres exhibit. Poly-blends can be a feasible alternative for the budget-minded.

Playing with Patterns

Once you identify the basics of how a shirt should fit, and narrow down to the right fabric, you can get creative by playing with the patterns. Prints and cut-and-sew shirts are still ruling the trend books. Thanks to the normcore style revolution, right now, we’re big into washed and printed denim shirts that add a stylish and trendy punch to your wardrobe. The key to building a versatile wardrobe is to strike a balance between trend-driven pieces and classic essentials. Solid shirts are the most versatile, and yet formal and classic at heart. A solid twill or herringbone shirt has a very different visual appeal from that of a solid poplin shirt. Break free from the monotony and make an impression with solid shirts by sporting textured weaves that strike a smart and urbane note. Stripes are yet another popular pattern frequently incorporated in the men’s work-wear department. Wear stripes that are narrow in width for a modern and sleek look. Getting lively and adding a hint of accent colours, such as pink or lime, can look stunning, especially when teamed with a charcoal suit. The revival of 70s fashion has propelled the popularity of gingham and plaid shirts in recent years. Plaids work perfectly for both formal and casual occasions, as long as you remember to mix the pattern with solids or stripes. A plaid shirt, worn with a solid suit and striped tie, is a safe combination that won’t let you down.

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