You shop, We donate!

You Shop, We donate!

If you are a registered non-profit organization looking to raise donations for a cause, then this is for you.

This is a cause marketing campaign run by us on our website that involves the cooperative efforts of a for-profit business and non-profit organization for mutual benefit

This is a portion of purchase campaign where on each purchase done by consumer from our website, we donate a portion of our sales to a nonprofit cause or charity.

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Challenges faced by Non-Profit Organizations


An NGOs goal doesn’t lie on accomplishing a project alone. After the success of a certain project, NGOs would want to maintain contact with their beneficiaries and make sure continuous progress is happening. Apart from that, NGOs would also want to be able to help more individuals and communities depending on their needs. To do so, NGOs need to constantly acquire funds. In some cases, NGOs become complacent and simply wait for donations or previous supporters to contact them. This practice will in no way contribute to the successes of an NGO. Although partner organizations and supporters will want to continually support an NGOs causes, they may possibly see more potential in other organizations and decide to fund others instead. Not having enough funds not only pose difficulties in accomplishing projects, but it also puts NGOs in jeopardy given that there are also many operational costs


Always be open to latest grants and offerings, funding opportunities for NGOs, and even small grants for NGOs because we believe that our charitable donations, how little or how big, can have a huge impact on how the charities help others


At times, many bright ideas can come to place but it can also cause confusions and stray you away from the initial goal. Although many good ideas come, sometimes, they don’t always remain in line with the goals set out


Although some organizations may already be experienced and their employees are familiar with their operations, coaching and training but its always better to inevitably pick something up and be able to apply it for further development of the organization


NGOs working together to reach their goals more efficiently is one perspective. However, some NGOs also see it as a form of competition. For some reason, there are NGOs who believe getting close to other NGOs or nonprofits will cause them to have more competition in terms of applying for grants


Having a mindset that other NGOs should be seen as competition is unhealthy. If other NGOs get approved of grants, it should, in fact, be seen as an opportunity to partner and learn from them. Making use of the technology could also help in making networks within your space. The internet keeps us updated with the events we can attend and keeps us in contact with other businesses which might be willing to collaborate for donations


In many developing countries, the lack of infrastructure is quite common and NGOs believe that people deserve a better standard of living. Thus, many NGOs have decided to address this issue by building communities beneficial to a lot of individuals. Initially, results are evident and people live a better life. But it should be kept in mind that not all communities have the capacity to maintain the same lifestyle they were expected to have. Without proper maintenance, the benefits to their living standards may only be temporary. additionally, having a number of projects which do not have lasting results will also affect your NGOs capacity to gain funds. Grant-funding agencies will rather give to those who can prove their capacity to implement and maintain on a long-term basis


It will be better to successfully accomplish just a few projects with lasting impact rather than accomplishing a lot but with temporary results


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Our donation! 

3 % of the portion of the sales

We are willing to donate 3 % of the portion of the sales to your non profit organisation on every sale done by your follower through our campaign You Shop, We Donate!. To make this campaign super successful as it has its own potential we need your support on our following requirements at your expense and cost:

1) Standee of size not less than 2' X 4' on your reception area where it can be easily visible to people. Illustration of same and written matter will be shared after verification.

2) To enable your followers to make a purchase which in turn will get into donation back to you we need a seperate page or sub-page on your website stating the matter (which will be shared by us after verification) and link of our website which shall open in different page.

Please note:

We will be generating a special code for your followers for example "MJH" which they can apply at checkout on our website and avail discount of 10%

This code will be helpful for both of us to keep a track of purchase done by your followers.

3) On every purchase done by your follower from our website by using the above code we will be sharing the copy of invoice after every successful order which includes payment received by the customer on the email id shared by you to us for communicating. We will required the receipt of donation made by us to you as it will be uploaded on our website to build trust with the consumers.

4) We need you to include our matter in every marketing campaign you will run to promote your Non profit organisation. This will encourange people to make a purchase for doing something good.

5) Any other devlopement related to this campaign can be agreed and decided mutually. All we need is a successful good cause campaign.

"Elegant comfort for you, serious support for people in need".

"Ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose".

"Do good, look good, feel good – every day".